Designing E-Commerce Websites For Search Engines & Users

Designing E-commerce Websites For Search Engines & Users
Electronic commerce (or E-Commerce) has come to play a vital role of how we interact and acquire items over the Internet. New online stores spring up everyday but not all of them can succeed at levels achieved by big brands such as Amazon and Ebay to name a few.
Creating a successful e-commerce store takes thorough planning and involves a strategy on how to achieve the goals you've set for your store (which could be monetary goals or even growth targets among others). Getting a good website designer which understands your needs and visions is just as important because you can't succeed unless you've developed your web foundation correctly.
Here are a few points to consider when building a website e-commerce store.

Is your website designed for speed

I believe that at least 90% of the websites on the web are designed poorly (if not more) and while design is not the only vital factor in determining success or failure, it does help to communicate your brand in a positive refreshing manner.
Once you know you have a graphically capable web developer, the next thing is to find a developer that can implement functionality to the highest degree – this is where speed comes in. It's well know that Internet users are very impatient and need their information delivered to them instantaneously or else they move on, so optimizing your website to load fast is a really good starting point.
Online stores are built on Content Management Systems generally so inform your website designer to find a good speed optimization plugin that will help with load times.

Visual Aesthetics

Following on from the above point, design your website to incorporate speed and include visually appealing elements into the design so as to promote your brand and make it memorable. Knowing which colors to use and when to use them is another important topic on it's own but to be brief, make sure you have a distinct call to action color that you continually re-enforce throughout the website.

Social Media Integration

Make your social profiles visible throughout the site and encourage users to join you on social networks by having the correct like/follow buttons on your site (most sites keep the buttons in the top right hand side or bottom left – it's your choice). I would probably keep it at the bottom but also put it in a user's face once they've completed an order because they've trusted you enough to buy from you so who's to say that they wouldn't want to join you on a social network.

Building Your Mailing List

This is another big part in determining success in the future and I don't know if you know but books have been written on such topics. The books are generally written by marketers and they have catchy titles that claim to teach you how to make large sums of money in a modest to short amount of time but the gist of the book is that the money comes from building an email list that you can continually contact and market new products to.
Needless to say, build your email list by making it visible and get users to join by possibly giving away something for free – such as a PDF guide on saving money while shopping online or maybe give users a discount on their next purchase.

Online Website Promotions & Offers

A great way to encourage sales is through special offers and new promotions that come with the changing seasons such as Christmas promotions that will come about at the end of the year. Some people may wonder if you make less money when you offer discounts but the truth is that you most probably will make more (provided you do it right). Make sure you have recommended items at the bottom of all the product pages because this will encourage users to look at your other offerings (provided they're relevant).
Also, try to incorporate discounts when people recommend new customers to you because even by giving a small discount to one customer, you gain a life-time of business from their new referrals.

Get in touch with our web development team and see if we can help at Website Design Cape Town. Those were a few tips to keep in mind when designing your e-commerce store and I hope they helped, just make sure your website design is up to scratch and can convert visitors into buyers.

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